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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 31 2018

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Clues Answers
A C-string one attached to instrument ACCORDION
A temptation said to subside ABATE
Aldebaran, eg red giant
Blonde can be reasonable FAIR
Book published that is about oil-rich area BRUNEI
Civil disturbance RIOT
Claire prepared a sweet treat ECLAIR
Cool megastar? red giant
Creature in river heartless rower traps roe deer
Diminish ABATE
Directive from Lord Erskine ORDER
E Sussex resort HASTINGS
Famed speedboat BLUEBIRD
Ferdinand takes time to produce dazzling display RIOT
Filled pastry ECLAIR
Firm support for Asian striker? COBRA
Flyer likely to get down? BLUEBIRD
Force slippery character to show sense FEEL
Forest animal roe deer
Friendly CORDIAL
His angst is used in battle HASTINGS
Hooded snake COBRA
Immerse at lower level around river DROWN
Impartial FAIR
Law lord who ran to catch duke CODE
Match likely to be a draw? TIE
Neckwear TIE
Ordinary person sure to succeed NATURAL
Prepare for show REHEARSE
Pub in Cordoba reopened BAR
Put up with massive carnivore BEAR
Run through on car for last trip REHEARSE
Sailor of myth ARGONAUT
SE American region deep south
Secret language CODE
Sequence ORDER
Squeeze-box ACCORDION
Stephen, a crusader, holds up defeat CANE
Sugar plant CANE
Sultanate on Borneo BRUNEI
Tavern BAR
The Ancient Mariner? ARGONAUT
Tolerate BEAR
Top companion in A&E finds trouble HEADACHE
Touch FEEL
Turns blind eye to poor regions IGNORES
Unprocessed NATURAL
US region of the Antarctic Ocean? deep south
Warm and fruity drink CORDIAL