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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Animated brat? BART
Astound AMAZE
Bachelor buzzing with energy in gown BATHROBE
Barnet’s loose talk BANTER
Brings home EARNS
Cause of inflation? AIR
Character AIR
Cheapskate TIGHTWAD
Communist on ship put right REDRESS
Compensation REDRESS
Cost of living slashed RENT
Crowd on move in Foyle’s War maybe SWARM
Cummerbund SASH
Dad lying about gas PROPANE
Dense insect group SWARM
Does editor’s job first and last? SUBSIST
Drunken Len trips — that could be painful! SPLINTER
Dumbfound in a puzzle AMAZE
Eke out existence SUBSIST
Endorses BACKS
European river RHINE
Exposed when kicked out of bed? DEBUNKED
Famous girl with Romeo STELLAR
Female to accept ring as last product SHOE
Fish in small river for religious type SHAKER
Footwear SHOE
Clues Answers
Guard observed protecting credit SCREEN
He sleeps with the fish KIPPER
Henri abused German flower RHINE
In sea RN ship pulls in EARNS
In that respect THERE
Large lizard MONITOR
Lisa’s hoodie features a belt SASH
Mutton dish Irish stew
Partition SCREEN
Percussion instrument SHAKER
Pickled stuff for American miser TIGHTWAD
Prompt CUE
Repartee BANTER
Seaman stole this empty wagon BOATSWAIN
Sees bid lost in addition BESIDES
Ship’s officer BOATSWAIN
Shown to be false DEBUNKED
Shrew — it is cooked in casserole Irish stew
Signal given by Potter? CUE
Simpsons character BART
Smoked herring KIPPER
Some gathered at that point THERE
Supports football players? BACKS
Torn apart RENT
Towelling coat BATHROBE
Watch car going round in turning MONITOR