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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Also restriction involving small Dustin Hoffman vehicle TOOTSIE
Arctic deer CARIBOU
Art sect to split and disperse SCATTER
Au revoir so long
Authentic GENUINE
Baron Cohen character new to line up ALIGN
Blockade EMBARGO
Canadian natives getting Cuba and Rio confused CARIBOU
Chops roughly HACKS
Conceal HIDE
Cover the skin HIDE
Declaim RECITE
Disseminate SCATTER
Do they have pressing business? IRONS
Doggedness TENACITY
Faithful TRUE
Female name NAOMI
Fixed in a flash FAST
Flavoursome addition to food — and booze! SAUCE
Foot or toe, informally TOOTSIE
Foreign ALIEN
Frank, misguided ingénue GENUINE
Genuine regret shown after time TRUE
Go without food FAST
Goat etc wrecking rural property COTTAGE
Golf clubs IRONS
Green Beret COMMANDO
Clues Answers
Guzzling girl, out late with Ted, returning LADETTE
Horses and bears? HACKS
Icy rain SLEET
Impertinence SAUCE
In Barbados Lee takes cold shower SLEET
In two minds TORN
Lock or plait TRESS
Loutish female LADETTE
Menace that involves Royal Engineers THREAT
Old man, arrested, lost nerve PANICKED
One shooting fish? SNAPPER
Order nothing for soldier COMMANDO
Part of reactor now ripped apart TORN
Perseverance from number visiting a large town TENACITY
Photographer SNAPPER
Quote individual in Crete novel RECITE
Romeo gets in girl’s hair TRESS
Small house COTTAGE
Source of danger THREAT
Speak falsely to stop an outsider ALIEN
Spin with monarch in posh car ROLLER
Straighten ALIGN
Swelling wave ROLLER
Took fright PANICKED
Up north it’s great to be back CHAMPION
Very protracted farewell? so long
Woman to grumble about your compiler? NAOMI
Zero to interest me about trade ban EMBARGO