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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A desire to circle around bay ALCOVE
Abbreviate SHORTEN
Ancestry LINEAGE
Ancient Phoenician city TYRE
Away team in illegal position OFFSIDE
Bacon slice monarch spots first RASHER
Banish EXILE
Bullock STEER
Celebrate victory TRIUMPH
Cheese produced is sent to the West EDAM
Cleric in bother about first of religious instructions PRIEST
Cloth stiffener STARCH
Come together for Catholic service MASS
Communion MASS
Contract to get hornets out SHORTEN
Creature in raging Thames river HAMSTER
Does it make clothes hard to wear? STARCH
Dutch cheese EDAM
Football offence OFFSIDE
Fragrant shrub in shade LILAC
Fragrant shrub or tree LILAC
Hair tint RINSE
Horned beast gives guidance STEER
Horrible imp hurt crow when successful TRIUMPH
Clues Answers
Injured eagle in descent LINEAGE
Jury or committee PANEL
Loner resolved to join ENROL
Match official LINESMAN
Member of the clergy PRIEST
Mishap caused by stress — I’d go into it ACCIDENT
More impulsive RASHER
Newspaper in hand featuring artist HERALD
Norwegian king OLAF
One flagging needs meal inn’s prepared LINESMAN
One without illusions REALIST
Outcast one left in river EXILE
Pet rodent HAMSTER
Pragmatic sort on a roll REALIST
Presage HERALD
Register ENROL
Sad Lyle keeps on being forsaken LONELY
Scandinavian chap in Arroyo La Fuente OLAF
Solitary LONELY
Some group an elite controls here? PANEL
Spare change? TYRE
This writer’s books around store due out soon IMMINENT
Unseemly and annoying child-catcher, American? IMPROPER
Washout when siren goes off? RINSE