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The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Adviser keeps son away from others ASIDE
Ancient city region in South Africa SPARTA
Artist and lecturer producing radioactive gas RADON
Bird watcher TWITCHER
Canadian capital OTTAWA
Caught in broken net, fish died ENTANGLED
Clear to enter river in Knock? DERIDE
Conclude from facts INFER
Confusedly twisted ENTANGLED
Cross, having endless pain in face DIAGONAL
Deceived where duke escaped cunningly DELUDED
Deduce indefinite number consumed by raging fire INFER
Die away FADE
Die in attempt to get with it TRENDY
Digression ASIDE
Dim female given notice on fourth of June FADE
Domesticated polecat FERRET
Existing now PRESENT
Fanatic NUT
Glide on snow SKI
Greek city state SPARTA
Harangue LECTURE
Hay bundle BALE
Head found in barrel rolled back NUT
Here’s a gift PRESENT
Clues Answers
High-flyer’s unnatural tour with Satan ASTRONAUT
Landscape observed we hear SCENE
Lanky individual provides support for climber BEANPOLE
Mad rule about European Court’s carpeting LECTURE
On move at two by a big city OTTAWA
One exacting retribution AVENGER
One not still searching for hobby? TWITCHER
Publicise place in military band SPLASH
Rabbit-catcher to agonise about monarch FERRET
Radioactive element RADON
Repair minute object MEND
Ridicule DERIDE
Root finally cracked Belgian concrete TANGIBLE
Runner somewhat unskilled SKI
Scatter liquid about SPLASH
Setting SCENE
Some ambitious editor exploited USED
State invaded by English party retaliating AVENGER
Tall person BEANPOLE
Utilised USED
Voguish TRENDY
Welsh footballer deceptively able BALE