The Sun – Two Speed – Aug 9 2018

Clues Answers
Abominate DETEST
Central idea Iolanthe means to convey THEME
Circulation noise HEARTBEAT
Clothing item GARMENT
Colander SIEVE
Criminal male beheaded crustacean MOBSTER
Cut elite troops hard to keep pounds SLASH
Disheartened steel worker’s opinion? SLANT
Distinct period ERA
Done thing to embrace university — lots go there AUCTION
Ease off with rum in American music bar MEASURE
Edible seeds PEANUTS
Emblem BADGE
European country IRELAND
Falsely incriminated FRAMED
Fellow pupil CLASSMATE
Floor covering CARPET
Follow on ENSUE
Good taking journey round long hilltop RIDGE
Harassed communist removed symbol BADGE
Hate exam following low grades DETEST
Hide away SECRETE
I’d learn about Emerald Isle IRELAND
Clues Answers
In European Court, six turn out EVICT
Japanese warrior SAMURAI
Leitmotiv THEME
Long time inside after all ERA
Loved one Aussie river DARLING
Madonna’s sewing machine? SINGER
Man concealing weapon in coat? GARMENT
Man has no time for cheapskate MISER
Maria with us battling warrior SAMURAI
Offspring ISSUE
One’s returned First Lady’s utensil SIEVE
Paltry sum teachers’ group invested in vegetables PEANUTS
Public sale AUCTION
Pulse right to coat in warm batter HEARTBEAT
Rate new team for friend in form CLASSMATE
Reduce drastically SLASH
Release English held in small Greek island SECRETE
Revolutionary can then charm ENCHANT
Scrooge MISER
Slope or lean SLANT
Strong drink RUM
Susie produces children ISSUE
Sweetheart DARLING
Tear strip off floor covering CARPET
The odd drink? RUM
Topless men — girl getting result ENSUE
Vocalist SINGER
Wrongly accused FBI agent pinching stuff? FRAMED

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