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The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jun 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Ancient two-wheeler CHARIOT
Arab one chasing beaten enemy YEMENI
Arterial route in China or Taiwan AORTA
Australian city ADELAIDE
Conclusive trial dictates changes acid test
Corrupt idea — deal that makes capital in Australia ADELAIDE
Could be seen, say, to provoke INCITE
Destitution PENURY
Dull rubbish that could bring the house down? dry rot
Expressionless IMPASSIVE
Female died in Slough SHED
Fragrant resin ELEMI
Golf score PAR
Good score in comparison PAR
Gutted French fish produces toxin POISON
Harmful glance evil eye
Inform, notify TELL
Inscrutable quartet in deadlock IMPASSIVE
Insect maybe Ringo heard BEETLE
Large rabbits eating five tons in gathered crops HARVEST
Large snake SERPENT
Lifting of English verse in great joy ELEVATION
Main blood vessel AORTA
Middle Easterner YEMENI
Clues Answers
North African capital TUNIS
One starting in Bergen possibly BEGINNER
Order to have noticeable effect TELL
Outbuilding SHED
Port one gets in casks TUNIS
Quaintly amusing DROLL
Ready money CASH
Rhino in Africa’s heavier CASH
Rigorous appraisal acid test
Sinister look from Levi troubled me, reportedly evil eye
Six-footer in ocean trip ANT
Small arachnid MITE
Social insect ANT
Tea set before tipsy trio in carriage CHARIOT
Tempter present unfortunately SERPENT
Timber decay dry rot
Tiny pest has power we hear MITE
Unjustified when beginning to exult in praise BASELESS
Varnish ingredient from diesel emissions ELEMI
Without foundation BASELESS
Witty nobleman sent up line DROLL
Write line about universal poverty PENURY