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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 1 2018

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Clues Answers
About-turn REVERSAL
Antagonise sergeant given new order ESTRANGE
Appliance for pressing steam iron
Bays or coves INLETS
Being shocked has upset Barbie’s man SHAKEN
Carnivorous mammal MONGOOSE
Charming perhaps, knight splits cost PRINCE
Commemorative disc MEDALLION
Concise TERSE
Delays as monarch goes among deer HINDERS
Exude EMIT
Falsely smile as lacking purpose AIMLESS
Famed collie LASSIE
Flood finally pours – down these DRAINS
Frightened SHAKEN
Game Anfield side delivered? POOL
Girl to take legal action SUE
Having no direction AIMLESS
Hunger contained in kitchen ITCH
Intimidate Trojan hero HECTOR
Keen son on stringed instrument SHARP
King Priam’s son HECTOR
Lad playing with rope spotted cat LEOPARD
Large feline LEOPARD
Match over, Mike’s introduced broadcast EMIT
Meat cut from prize animal MEDALLION
Military encirclement SIEGE
Obstructs HINDERS
Old king dresses writer in lingerie item CAMISOLE
Owed pounds in honourable affair DUEL
Peter Sellers: inwardly brusque? TERSE
Potter’s signal? CUE
Private instructor TUTOR
Prosecute SUE
Quick-witted SHARP
Raiment so neatened — was this used? steam iron
Restless desire ITCH
Royal personage PRINCE
Rugby throw-in line-out
Rugger formation Neil suggests? line-out
Scots girl sails out with English LASSIE
Second name applied to bird and beast MONGOOSE
See GI wounded in blockade SIEGE
Setback making no difference to mum or dad? REVERSAL
Small lake POOL
Snooker stick CUE
Sword or pistol fight DUEL
Teacher to express disapproval otherwise TUTOR
These estuaries could be silent INLETS
Underbodice CAMISOLE
Waste channels DRAINS