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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 11 2018

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Clues Answers
After junction, crash into vehicle TRAM
Article in a contract CLAUSE
Beach area SEASIDE
Beer for baggage-attendant PORTER
Bogus SHAM
Boiled pea __ got soup! POTAGE
College janitor PORTER
Come to the top SURFACE
Country album? ATLAS
Detesting HATING
Disease in fruit recurring reportedly BERIBERI
Disliking a night out HATING
Esther left to rot in retreat SHELTER
Fake salt served with meat SHAM
Film star born in hurricane GABLE
Friendly CORDIAL
Gloomy brunette DARK
Haunt of drunken bosses OBSESS
Have rice cooked for winner ACHIEVER
Information from Star Trek android DATA
Kayak user CANOEIST
Lend an ear LISTEN
Make ecstatic ELATE
Map collection ATLAS
Monetary unit of Sweden and Iceland KRONA
Nasty disease spread by water SEASIDE
Notices a struggling paddler CANOEIST
Ogre, finally dead, brings delight ELATE
One Enigma: accidental Lennon hit IMAGINE
Proverb helping to make Conrad a genius ADAGE
Rider has reason to drink litres CLAUSE
Rise as expert wave-rider? SURFACE
Sanctuary SHELTER
Silent production: pay attention LISTEN
Statistics DATA
Streetcar TRAM
Successful student ACHIEVER
Swedish bread? KRONA
Thick French soup POTAGE
Totally preoccupy OBSESS
Town right to stop amateur crime BURGLARY
Triangular wall at a roof end GABLE
Tropical illness BERIBERI
Upset or angry het up
Victor abroad stupidly makes boast BRAVADO
Visualise IMAGINE
Warm fruity drink CORDIAL
What’s disturbed inside the tupperware? het up
Without light DARK