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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandon DESERT
Allow some expletives LET
Be idle LAZE
Breadwinner EARNER
Changeable water level in drought I’d expected TIDE
Chart apartheid’s destruction hit parade
Copper needs right dog CUR
Cover woman to keep warm SHEATHE
Current TIDE
Dad backed expert without delay APACE
Female name NAOMI
Flyer sees V1 in two areas by hill AVIATOR
Former knight seen timelessly as model EXEMPLAR
Former name for Iran PERSIA
Frau von Trapp blows top in song ARIA
Go to law LITIGATE
Horseback sport POLO
Look at closely EXAMINE
Mongrel CUR
Morning break ELEVENSES
Nemo’s sub in USA, until wrecked NAUTILUS
New line and tram station TERMINAL
Ocean floor SEABED
Old country pear is rotten PERSIA
Operatic piece ARIA
Paragon or epitome EXEMPLAR
Pottery fragment SHARD
Put away a sword SHEATHE
Ran amok in La Paz in city square PLAZA
Relax __ fire not starting LAZE
Rude programme reported COARSE
Ruined pool game POLO
See African dictator in river EXAMINE
Set in motion LAUNCH
Seven eels cooked as snack ELEVENSES
Small firm in tall building SHARD
Spanish public square PLAZA
Spiral-shelled sea creature NAUTILUS
Start motorboat LAUNCH
Student losing head wants nice little job? EARNER
Sue illuminated one entrance LITIGATE
Tennis call LET
Top songs list hit parade
Train depot TERMINAL
Turn one’s back on wasteland? DESERT
Where Neptune sleeps? SEABED
With urgency APACE
Woman from Barcelona omitted NAOMI
Worry a good person is taken in AGONISE