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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Aggressive or energetic journalist NEWSHOUND
An increase once more AGAIN
Background in the theatre? SCENERY
Be better than SURPASS
Be sent back in time for controversy DEBATE
Berkshire racecourse ASCOT
Blockhead in canvas shoes ASS
Bright colour seen in church tower CERISE
Cherry-red hue CERISE
Church spire STEEPLE
Coast’s fantastic racing venue ASCOT
Conceal rest EEC produced SECRETE
Consumed EATEN
Doctor let ma in for illness AILMENT
Dregs live outside university RESIDUE
Dry white Burgundy CHABLIS
East-West hostility cold war
Effectiveness TEETH
English into beer get going set out
Foolish person ASS
For a second time AGAIN
Formal discussion DEBATE
French town church Basil repaired CHABLIS
Hear ditty __ ultimately hummable? CATCHY
Horse-drawn vehicle CHARIOT
Idiotic one involved with insane rioting ASININE
Instantly memorable CATCHY
Irishman back in Knock TAP
Landscape SCENERY
Light touch TAP
Mindless ASININE
Modify ADAPT
Moves at speed in waterworks TEARS
Novel Hudson edited for reporter NEWSHOUND
Outclass as Spurs beaten SURPASS
Polish acting family SHEEN
Posh school report gets you worried EATEN
Present or explain set out
Remainder RESIDUE
Renovate Ethel’s gnashers TEETH
Rental agreement LEASE
Sea margin COASTLINE
Shine or lustre SHEEN
Shore where Alec is not swimming COASTLINE
Snowball fight? cold war
Some trouble as extending contract LEASE
Sons need to remove stubble SHAVE
Talk about city in two-wheeler CHARIOT
Theatrical platform STAGE
Tourist agent shows leg STAGE
Tower dear to the French STEEPLE
Use a razor SHAVE
Woman with small part as tailor ADAPT