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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Ale without head that’s weird EERIE
Altercation WRANGLE
Atmospheric discharge LIGHTNING
Azure sky blue
Backed row about V&A fencing EVASION
Bad name accompanies our charm ENAMOUR
Be sulky perhaps in the shade sky blue
Bird perch ROOST
Brosnan’s Romeo in drama PIERCE
Burn slightly in housing estate SINGE
Captivate ENAMOUR
Cargo items FREIGHT
Caterer emptied fish and lobster basket CREEL
Char or blacken slightly SINGE
Crouch in fear COWER
Crowe, beaten, to shrink in terror COWER
Cushions or mitigates SOFTENS
Deity GOD
Deity to leave with daughter GOD
Dirty turf laid around road island SORDID
English team the French kick out EXILE
Fastener is essential STAPLE
Feline visit gets noisy reception CATCALL
First empire smashed by king PREMIER
Flashy sort of striker? LIGHTNING
French crew boxes on ship FREIGHT
Fundamental STAPLE
Glide over snow SKI
Hold firmly together COHERE
Jeer or boo CATCALL
Latin-American music SALSA
Lister re-used point that’s clean STERILE
Lobster pot CREEL
Lock and key upset lag DELAY
Mad son released — it’s absurd INANE
Makes long story short? EDITS
Manuscript changes EDITS
Mindless INANE
Mount appearing through the clouds? PEGASUS
Mysterious EERIE
Outcast EXILE
Penetrate PIERCE
Postponement DELAY
Prevarication EVASION
Prime Minister PREMIER
Relaxes regularly aboard ship SOFTENS
Resting place for flyers? ROOST
Runner in less kit SKI
Saucy dance? SALSA
Sleazy or squalid SORDID
Stick with firm at this point COHERE
Uncontaminated STERILE
Unfaithful partners two-timers
Unreliable lovers watch clock? two-timers
Wife has right perspective in row WRANGLE
Winged horse PEGASUS