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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Bedroom in Millfield or Marlborough? DORM
Believer’s back at university HINDU
Books to get on first spy AGENT
British coins PENCE
Call used in Vietnam evacuation NAME
Certain to catch good wave SURGE
Church pursues author for money PENCE
Clubs do something with American plant CACTUS
Communicate with CONTACT
Cut when shifting ale crate LACERATE
Dancer Moira gets hot in scorcher SHEARER
Debt rarer as restructured ARREARS
Distinct elements ASPECTS
Eel that put off an Olympian? ATHLETE
Engage in splashy sport — it wreaks havoc! water-ski
Ensnares TRAPS
Faster bird above monarch SWIFTER
Feel uncomfortably hot SWELTER
Film spools REELS
Follower of Indian religion HINDU
Furnishings DECOR
Generates sauces after mixing CAUSES
Gives rise to CAUSES
Ice dancer SKATER
Kohl pencil EYELINER
Leaves home? TREE
Melting-pot CRUCIBLE
Moniker NAME
Mountain route PASS
Move lightly across high-altitude route PASS
Oak, eg TREE
Orchestrate ARRANGE
Perspire SWEAT
Representative AGENT
Ride behind speedboat water-ski
Right inside cubicle built in snooker theatre CRUCIBLE
Scenery firm in Derby not near DECOR
School sleeping quarters DORM
Settle musical score? ARRANGE
Small role reversed for mouse-catchers? TRAPS
Spiny succulent CACTUS
Sportsperson ATHLETE
Staggers in fast dances REELS
Strange space-time’s features? ASPECTS
Sudden increase SURGE
Survey ship looks defined with this EYELINER
Tear jaggedly LACERATE
This is certainly touching! CONTACT
Unpaid amount ARREARS
Water insect keeps ahead of river fish SKATER
Wet as in frenzy — it’s worry SWEAT
When one enters Ely comfortably EASILY
Without difficulty EASILY
Wool cutter SHEARER
Wrestle madly and suffer in heat SWELTER