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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 25 2018

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Clues Answers
__- Valentino, actor RUDOLPH
As a group en masse
Baked festive item mince pie
Benevolence GOODWILL
Chill or solidify FREEZE
Christmas meal from heartless old jailer TURKEY
Christmas starter in Israel might be cakes ECLAIRS
Church facility mentioned in Wensleydale? CHEESE
Cockney looker’s Christmas delicacy mince pie
Concede some had mittens! ADMIT
Confess ADMIT
Cool after God drops from sky RAIN
Country man consumes starter of partridge NEPAL
Current tale animated snowman tells initially LATEST
Dairy product CHEESE
Don’t move in this wintry weather! FREEZE
Existing now PRESENT
Explains clears up
Fabled sunken land ATLANTIS
Festive tunes CAROLS
Filled pastries ECLAIRS
Fish and steak prepared SKATE
Flightless avians EMUS
Foot (informal) TOOTSIE
Girls providing Christmas songs CAROLS
Give Christmas gift PRESENT
Glide on ice SKATE
Good appears in this swirling vision SIGHT
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Large bird TURKEY
Lyric verses ODES
Man sees partying all together en masse
Mosque prayer leaders IMAMS
Most recent LATEST
Mythical island: Santa left it out! ATLANTIS
Oarsman back among nature worshippers ROWER
One using paddle ROWER
Orders us parcel excitedly clears up
Otto is merry __ Kringle finally seen in film TOOTSIE
Panache ELAN
Reveal English model receiving kiss EXPOSE
Run pub to entertain loud, drunken reindeer RUDOLPH
Scrooge mustn’t cage birds! EMUS
Sean got crackers in performance on stage
Showery forecast RAIN
Single mothers finding religious men IMAMS
Some decode seasonal poetry ODES
Spectacle SIGHT
Style seen in Yuletide land ELAN
Uncover EXPOSE
Virtuous man shows Christmas kindness GOODWILL
Visible to theatre audience on stage