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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Air date revised for broadcast RADIATE
Anonymous self __ case needs solving FACELESS
Atomic pile REACTOR
Bachelor, correct, showing intelligence BRIGHT
Band on the road? TYRE
Belittle or degrade ABASE
Bird from Kettering rebelled GREBE
Bitter about constant purge SCOUR
Border EDGE
Bounded LEAPT
Brasserie or diner EATERY
Bribe to get a flat or house BUNGALOW
Clean abrasively SCOUR
Clergyman hides a nuclear device REACTOR
Cool son has admirers FANS
Crockery and cutlery TABLEWARE
Defeated BEATEN
Distrust upsets Conservative lunatic SUSPECT
Essential items needed on board? TABLEWARE
Expire or die PERISH
Eye rat on the loose in bistro EATERY
Flee RUN
Former name for Iran PERSIA
Have doubts about SUSPECT
Humble American capital HQ ABASE
Indie band playing here finally shows bite EDGE
Italian wine region ASTI
Joke from creep unsavoury PUN
Lebanese port TYRE
Lester drunk outside hotel needs protection SHELTER
Manage to score at Edgbaston? RUN
Medical attention, at no cost, without worries CAREFREE
Mentally quick BRIGHT
Nit-picker or stickler PURIST
Old country spire blighted area PERSIA
One-storey home BUNGALOW
Play on words PUN
Registered ENROLLED
Replace great Scandinavian abandoning wife SUPERSEDE
Rod and Ellen might be recruited ENROLLED
Rot from Piers, crazy husband PERISH
Sanctuary SHELTER
Shine or gleam RADIATE
Stir up trouble for pedant PURIST
Supporters FANS
The French, fit, made jump LEAPT
Untroubled CAREFREE
Waterfowl GREBE
Whipped borscht initially consumed BEATEN
Wine imported by Sebastian ASTI
Without identity FACELESS