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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A race over one mile demands energy ANIMATION
About to interrupt a prison stretch? ACREAGE
Ace puzzle brings surprise AMAZE
Additional EXTRA
Agricultural vehicle TRACTOR
Amount of land ACREAGE
Arabic man’s name ALI
Bid to keep woman in hiding place? TANNERY
Cartoon technique ANIMATION
Cereal to eat with meat BRAWN
Church ceremony SERVICE
Clothes line? CREASE
Cold and icy WINTRY
Drives the point home? STABS
Eagerly anticipate AWAIT
Endless path to hill for vehicle TRACTOR
Engine check for Army, say SERVICE
Expect AA wit to get sloshed AWAIT
Flabbergast AMAZE
Gain points in rugger __ but it’s freezing! WINTRY
Impotent UNABLE
Indian lute SITAR
Instrument used in chords it arpeggiates SITAR
Junior barrister catches the sun ORB
Knight very jumpy? Exactly that! NERVY
Layer shifted in advance EARLY
Leather works TANNERY
Left cuts first-rate boxer ALI
Liquid absorbing heat COOLANT
Long straight handle SHAFT
Maybe second-rate celeb in bubble BLISTER
Misery SAS ends destructively SADNESS
More from crowd-scene actor EXTRA
Muscular strength BRAWN
Neat and tidy SHIPSHAPE
Notice Cinders in transformation DISCERN
On edge NERVY
Orderly getting hash pipes destroyed SHIPSHAPE
Perceive DISCERN
Pierces STABS
Plane operator AIRLINE
Playground item SEESAW
Powerless as nebula transforms UNABLE
Premature EARLY
Ray found in mine passage SHAFT
Shock rattles horrendously STARTLE
Skin swelling BLISTER
Something for kids to observe now and then? SEESAW
Sphere ORB
Transport provider’s melody with lyric AIRLINE
Trendy worker fluid in hot situation? COOLANT
Wrinkle CREASE
Yanks in State Arsenal TEARS