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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A long time taken over stadium ARENA
Anatomical bag SAC
Animal in pride LION
Artist on call spoke RADIAL
Astronauts SPACEMEN
Baton has disturbing secret power SCEPTRE
Boat trailer? WAKE
Coming after its time BELATED
Commerce TRADE
Composed some classical music CALM
Cossack holding pouch SAC
Dead in bed, thus delayed BELATED
Decaying plant material, used for fuel or mulch PEAT
Disparaging CRITICAL
Doctrine in poem RC backed CREDO
Fairway alert FORE
Fate LOT
Finding fault is vital CRITICAL
Flight zone AEROSPACE
Fruit cup’s content ACORN
Fuel some escape attempts PEAT
Hector so nervously smokes CHEROOTS
His age worried hostess GEISHA
Huge cat ripped up lino LION
Impetuous as the French in loving act CARELESS
Increase in offending crime wave
Industry in OPEC areas possibly AEROSPACE
Japanese companion GEISHA
Large sports venue ARENA
Male swine BOAR
Matelot losing friend finds destiny LOT
Missile sent back to eastern business TRADE
Negligent CARELESS
Oak seed ACORN
Reinstate or reset somehow RESTORE
Renovate RESTORE
Rouse WAKE
Royal staff SCEPTRE
Sickness in metal composition AILMENT
Small cigars CHEROOTS
Statement of beliefs CREDO
Stringent EXACTING
Surrey’s opening bowlers: they’re out of this world! SPACEMEN
Tide of lawlessness? crime wave
Tough no longer working in theatre? EXACTING
Tranquil CALM
Tyre variety RADIAL
Warning from useless drivers? FORE
Wild pig hides in cupboard BOAR
Wishful thinker is in bad aspect ESCAPIST