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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Allotted portions SHARES
An entry without it causes stir AGITATE
Beauty parlour SALON
Bird over America is famished RAVENOUS
Child by marriage STEPSON
Chinese ultimately behind Oriental EASTERN
Christian celebration EASTER
Condiment SALT
European flower festival EASTER
Female writer to abscond with lover PENELOPE
Find tale silly and exaggerated INFLATED
Fish Mike leaves in drawing-room SALON
Footwear SHOE
Giant moan heard around docks CYCLOPS
Grain husks CHAFF
Hose knitted as last product? SHOE
Husband in greasy spoon for banter CHAFF
Incantation CHANT
Innermost part CORE
Judgement last month on energy DECREE
Leaves out OMITS
Leitmotiv of Keith Emerson THEME
Light automatic rifle CARBINE
Love to be Popeye’s girl OLIVE
Make nervous AGITATE
Mediterranean tree OLIVE
Nonsense writer pens the material LEATHER
Official ID PAPERS
Official order DECREE
Old Republican seen in church centre CORE
One-eyed monster CYCLOPS
Oriental EASTERN
Overblown INFLATED
Partner’s kid won’t stop dancing? STEPSON
Plane operator AIRLINE
Press to obtain documents? PAPERS
Rearranged duet with toad is passé OUTDATED
Relative, pleasant, receives inheritance at last NIECE
Rescue from loss SALVAGE
Respond to stimulus REACT
Seaman, fifty, seated outside SALT
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Stock units __ lots! SHARES
Strike back, smashing crate REACT
Talk about new slogan repeated CHANT
Tanned hide LEATHER
Tomb no good for dancing event RAVE
Transport service puts Irish in a queue AIRLINE
Unifying idea THEME
Unpleasantly moist skips OMITS
Voracious RAVENOUS
Wife to Odysseus PENELOPE
Wild about line in Get Back SALVAGE
Wild party RAVE
Worry about place to dispose of gun CARBINE