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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 31 2018

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Clues Answers
Agree that man must enter church CHIME
Ancestry LINEAGE
Arms contractor? TRICEPS
Auctions SALES
Bad speller? SORCERER
Base and lid broken, put out of action DISABLE
Bohemian dance POLKA
Bullock STEER
Burns Night food HAGGIS
Catherine, sixth wife, finds fish PARR
Convinced SURE
Culinary plant HERB
Current tale fantastic Sun tells initially LATEST
Dance music with a dotted feel? POLKA
Descent of eagle flying around at home LINEAGE
Dwellings HOMES
Extent of wallpaper paste SIZE
Gathering MEETING
Girl in Bali celibate? ALICE
Greek squid dish CALAMARI
Green energy type SOLAR
Guide ranch animal STEER
High regard ESTEEM
I get men prepared for encounter MEETING
Incapacitate DISABLE
Injecting tool SYRINGE
Magnitude SIZE
Make runs __ twenty SCORE
Melancholy SADNESS
Misery SAS ends explosively SADNESS
Monk in vehicle one for seafood dish CALAMARI
Most recent LATEST
Naval weapon TORPEDO
Needle one that sucks up? SYRINGE
Notes right relating to The Sun SOLAR
Residences for Sherlock we hear? HOMES
Respect is introduced to English backs ESTEEM
Result SCORE
Rosemary perhaps housed by Mother Bear HERB
Seconds to grab beer in January events SALES
Security is brought back into store DEPOSIT
Sediment DEPOSIT
Sensible man with cold gets into bed BALANCED
Small sample TASTER
User upset? Absolutely! SURE
Weapon in depot or out? TORPEDO
What might be charmed circle? BRACELET
Wine expert sozzled at rest TASTER
Witch is eating good Scots food HAGGIS
Wonderland girl ALICE
Wrist ornament BRACELET
Young salmon PARR