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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 8 2018

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Clues Answers
12-inch measures FEET
Abscond with lover ELOPE
Agree end will be terrible for traitor RENEGADE
Belgrade native SERB
Bitter about the North, hailing from Dixie? SOUTHERN
Box someone emptied and scattered SPARSE
Building easily assembled before cracking? PREFAB
Cheerless DREARY
Crazy (informal) BONKERS
Crusted dish PIE
Expensive year king held to be tiresome DREARY
Flog some diesel locomotives SELL
Fool tinkering with electrics round plug initially TWERP
Individuality IDENTITY
Joke from deep underground PUN
Letter opener? ADDRESSEE
Mail recipient ADDRESSEE
Man let out is keen LAMENT
Market SELL
Nitwit TWERP
Nurse husband that’s released from danger TREAT
One assigned to post APPOINTEE
One god imprisons later Bible character IDENTITY
One in gym gets meal PIE
Performer in car sets out ACTRESS
Perhaps broken son becomes insane BONKERS
Plant publication about English duck OREGANO
Play on words PUN
Poke or nudge PROD
Poke papa with stick PROD
Quiet cat to attack suddenly POUNCE
Ready-made home PREFAB
Rise weirdly round us in grave SERIOUS
Rock band training to run away secretly ELOPE
Slav taken in by Kaiser Bill SERB
Straggle TRAIL
Surprise gift TREAT
The Chosen One? APPOINTEE
Thespian ACTRESS
Thin on the ground SPARSE
Tittle-tattle GOSSIP
Tomboy initially trains dog TRAIL
Towards the Antarctic SOUTHERN
Train by repetition PRACTISE
Trio in yard? FEET
Try small drink and idle talk GOSSIP
Wild marjoram OREGANO
Work at reformulating race tips PRACTISE