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The Sun – Two Speed – Dec 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Ace in scariest turbulent flight STAIRCASE
Anonymous as Clint in spaghetti movies? NAMELESS
At an unspecified future date SOMETIME
Atmosphere destroyed clematis mostly CLIMATE
Attempt publicity drive GOAD
Dispatched SENT
Edible snails? Definitely not! fast food
Endless embrace brings troubles CARES
Englishmen seen with duke? Correct! EMEND
Exchange views about one tree CONIFER
Expert grabbing old man quickly APACE
Fetid or rank RANCID
Fir or pine CONIFER
Former tie broken in WW1 battlefield SOMETIME
Fresh peeled prawn? RAW
Girl, quiet, to speak and fade away EVAPORATE
Glaswegian at large and unpunished? scot-free
Hearty laugh ROAR
Humorous TV series SITCOM
Improve text EMEND
In folds PLEATED
Large snake SERPENT
Lively SPRY
London district East End
Loud noise from river paddle ROAR
Mature content of bag emptied AGE
Medicinal measure DOSAGE
Nimble agent nabbing traitor finally SPRY
Organic fuel round lake man gathered PLEATED
Pet worn out in Gwent location NEWPORT
Poorly rated walk TREAD
Posted from Leverkusen today SENT
Provoke GOAD
Quick meal fast food
Rapscallion SCAMP
Ripen AGE
Rogue ultimately splits faction SCAMP
Sad teen upset in London region East End
Show taken in as it comes SITCOM
Sickly sea-dog wants prescribed amount DOSAGE
Space found in A&E: surprised? AGAPE
Steps in house STAIRCASE
Tempter present in disguise SERPENT
Tyre pattern TREAD
Unidentified NAMELESS
University lecturer READER
Unrefined RAW
Unscathed scot-free
Weather conditions CLIMATE
Welsh city NEWPORT
What top plainclothes copper did is rotten RANCID
Wide open AGAPE
With urgency APACE
Worries CARES
You are silly backing socialist READER