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The Sun – Two Speed – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
__ Blyton, writer ENID
Alteration SHIFT
Attempted change of course and went ahead TACKLED
Battered fish served on time for workers SHIFT
Book from girl after month NOVELLA
Bring into being GENERATE
Cheapskate MISER
Clothing consumer? MOTH
Devotion can make life tidy FIDELITY
Dorothy starts with dripping on toast DOT
Droop SAG
Egotistical one in vehicle VAIN
Employee organisation UNION
Fall back RETREAT
Fall from heights again SAG
Father and teenager on bad terms GENERATE
Female appearing in Screen Idols ENID
Futile VAIN
Go round twice at speed OOMPH
I’m done! Sin horrendous in magnitude! DIMENSION
Insufficient silver found in lake MEAGRE
Longing to be in Mitcham ITCH
Made a challenge TACKLED
Make home in Totnes today! NEST
Marriage working after college UNION
Meal in Chunnel poor — nothing eaten LUNCHEON
Midday repast LUNCHEON
Military group task force
Miscellaneous ASSORTED
Mixed roast Des ruined ASSORTED
Monkey, male, maestro trained MARMOSET
Newspaper chief EDITOR
Nocturnal insect MOTH
Point DOT
Restless desire ITCH
Royal Engineers manage quiet place RETREAT
Scanty in amount MEAGRE
Scrooge Mike is seen with monarch MISER
Shakespeare’s intention? WILL
Shorter fictional work NOVELLA
Single female rests bad leg inside SPINSTER
Size or extent DIMENSION
Small primate MARMOSET
Snug retreat NEST
Spoke about king and showed surprise STARTED
Time to request Church Army unit task force
Trend reversed by old Republican news boss EDITOR
Unmarried woman SPINSTER
Vigour (informal) OOMPH
Volition WILL