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The Sun – Two Speed – February 17 2019

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Clues Answers
Actor’s assistant in clothing store DRESSER
Allow MP over in vessel EMPOWER
Animated like a thug casing V&A VIVACIOUS
Ate formal meal DINED
Authorise EMPOWER
Bachelor knocking back spring rolls BAPS
Bedroom bureau DRESSER
Bit from article PIECE
Bread items BAPS
Cattle thief RUSTLER
Chance or fate LUCK
Cooked very badly indeed! DEVILLED
Cooker taken in crates to Venezuela STOVE
Cut down a tree FELL
Cutting tool that’s light? LASER
Day some backed sample recordings DEMOS
Emma —, Nelson’s mistress HAMILTON
Energy or liveliness VIM
English to be in news and cheer up ENLIVEN
Full of life VIVACIOUS
Geronimo maybe suspicious about religion war cry
Grand old ladies make bets DOWAGERS
Grave wrecked in utter barbarity SAVAGERY
In an upright position ERECT
Internet address WEBSITE
Invigorate ENLIVEN
Kitchen appliance STOVE
Lacking refinement INELEGANT
Make rapid progress in profession CAREER
Making fortune this now is in India! LUCK
Occupation CAREER
Portion PIECE
Protest marches (informal) DEMOS
Racing driver in Bermudan capital HAMILTON
Rallying shout war cry
Regress REVERT
Rhythm and echo in club BEAT
Six thousand showing lively spirit VIM
Smear couch with gold and black BEDAUB
Some in a penthouse for short sleep NAP
Some lad in Edmonton supped in style DINED
Sovereign holds good man to be lawbreaker RUSTLER
Splodge with paint BEDAUB
Standing before court ERECT
Surgical instrument LASER
Take forty winks NAP
They’re clustered atop plant: unbalanced? BANANAS
This page is no high point in EB White’s composition WEBSITE
Titled widows DOWAGERS
Tropical fruits BANANAS
Trounce or thrash BEAT
Turn back on green REVERT
Uncouth agent changing to follow flawed line INELEGANT
Vicious cruelty SAVAGERY
Went down hill FELL