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The Sun – Two Speed – February 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Absolute depths NADIR
Agile or spry NIMBLE
All hands to mow crop crew cut
Antenna directed to include lowest point NADIR
Basil sauce PESTO
Bearing gifts? TALENTED
Better people brought in by news boss EMEND
Bow demo leader cancelled ARCH
Bowie ultimately thin in black EBONY
Cherished PRECIOUS
Correct as text EMEND
Curved structure ARCH
Dark hardwood EBONY
Decisive moment in a tennis match Set point
Exercise system Goya reinvented YOGA
Finished with girl in Ulster town DONEGAL
Foolishly impulsive MADCAP
Irish county DONEGAL
Items of business AGENDA
Liberal urges one out GENEROUS
Magnanimous GENEROUS
Male relation UNCLE
Meditative exercise YOGA
Merchant VENDOR
Millions admire fancifully legless lady MERMAID
Mythical creature MERMAID
Narrow street LANE
Nepotist botched big court opportunity Set point
Not clued up in AA, we run madly UNAWARE
Oblivious UNAWARE
One directs dude inebriated in posh car RUDDER
Poets can create pasta dressing PESTO
Pursued HUNTED
Quick — doctor seen in river! NIMBLE
Reckless person in crazy hat MADCAP
Regularly find clues not working IDLE
Relative’s gun-cleaning occupation UNCLE
Rice and soup mixture is valuable PRECIOUS
Road through Hull an exit LANE
Searched end hut that’s broken down HUNTED
Seller drove recklessly around north VENDOR
Short hairstyle crew cut
Sinatra upset craftsperson ARTISAN
Sirius dog star
Skilled technician ARTISAN
Sliding calculator? ADDER
Stag drunk right after party gets shiner dog star
Tiller or helm RUDDER
Unoccupied IDLE
Well-endowed TALENTED
Woman holds info for schedule AGENDA