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The Sun – Two Speed – February 27 2019

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Clues Answers
Accessible content of magazine article NEAR
American-English exploit? USE
Amuse or divert ENTERTAIN
Anthology that should move people? OMNIBUS
Approach NEAR
Area covered by crazed internet host ENTERTAIN
Bad mood in one brought down with others? DOMINO
Be subjected to UNDERGO
Become liable for debts without interest? INCURIOUS
Bird is power fanatic PLOVER
Bitterness from angered gendarmes EDGE
Boundary EDGE
Breakfast mix MUESLI
Cello-playing involves one dog COLLIE
Cereal covering uniform in horrid slime MUESLI
Change in US prison English left NICKEL
Compendium OMNIBUS
Cut into metal ENGRAVE
Deeply impress New Avenger ENGRAVE
Don’t lose quiet shyness PRESERVE
Employ USE
Five-cent piece NICKEL
Flamboyant unicyclist keeps garment TUNIC
Friend (informal) PAL
Hostility ill will
Improvised corn deal that won’t hold water COLANDER
Iridescent gem OPAL
Keep safe PRESERVE
Light meal (informal) BITE
Military jacket TUNIC
Musical instrument PIANO
Not travel enough to get experience? UNDERGO
People chosen, European, in the Spanish court ELECT
Pilot Officer grabs Scotsman softly PIANO
Plan great changes in animal enclosure STRATEGY
Roman emperor CALIGULA
Scheme or tactic STRATEGY
Secretary beginning to love mate PAL
Short guy in purple up before a tyrant CALIGULA
Sick bard shows animosity ill will
Small animals we love reversed dance moves STEPS
Spotted game piece DOMINO
Stone from old China OPAL
Vampires might do this part with sweetheart? BITE
Vote into office ELECT
Wading bird PLOVER
Wine expert, from art set, sozzled TASTER
Working canine COLLIE