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The Sun – Two Speed – February 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Advocate ENDORSE
Agitate STIR
Barren ARID
Bellyache COMPLAIN
Best boy sent back into warehouse DEPOT
Box containing valuables is guarded SAFE
Bus station DEPOT
Catalyst AGENT
Confidential assistant from Maidenhead AIDE
Confused and cross about theologian and daughter MUDDLED
Conscript hiding tear RIP
Debilitated having joined company? INFIRM
Disclosed REVEALED
Disordered MUDDLED
Doreen’s injured back ENDORSE
Dry air circulating by delta ARID
Endanger in drive around Rhode Island IMPERIL
Enrols unfortunate introverts LONERS
Euphoria ELATION
Famed outlaw Kelly stores books NOTED
Fat lip yours truly had LIPID
Fatty compound LIPID
Frail or feeble INFIRM
Free from danger SAFE
Glide over snow SKI
Global police force INTERPOL
Grouse nearly arrived on the steppe COMPLAIN
Involve in late changes ENTAIL
Jayne __, actress MANSFIELD
Klee as eligible keeps artistic support EASEL
Letter also featured in comical write-up LANDLORD
Meat in grass is exposed REVEALED
Meshed nylon cap HAIRNET
Painter’s tripod EASEL
Police in river to reach conclusion DECIDE
Political adviser AIDE
Principled ETHICAL
Put at risk IMPERIL
Renowned NOTED
Require or necessitate ENTAIL
Resolve DECIDE
Roofing stone SLATE
Rubbish turned up in metal skip SLATE
Runner somewhat unskilled SKI
Shaping toe-nail brings delight ELATION
Shred RIP
Six-footer traps extremely gullible spy AGENT
Solitary persons LONERS
The rain ruined overhead protection HAIRNET
To be fair, I’m not all there! IMPARTIAL
Top-liner trained for crime fighters INTERPOL
Upset caused in horrendous tirade STIR
Upstanding character in new chalet is moral ETHICAL
Woman’s work never done in this Notts town? MANSFIELD