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The Sun – Two Speed – February 5 2019

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Clues Answers
Abhorrence DISGUST
Academic period SEMESTER
Amid household dirt one has grand contempt DISGUST
Battle station WATERLOO
Blemished SCARRED
Brood MOPE
Clashed or scuffled TUSSLED
Connected to the Web ONLINE
Daddy becomes priest FATHER
Decapitate BEHEAD
Delve or root through RUMMAGE
Duke and stranger to move unsteadily DODDER
Emotionally distant ALOOF
Encrypt? INTER
Entomb or bury INTER
Express a view OPINE
Extremely ratty __ this perhaps! SHIRTY
Fighting men almost come together UNIT
Flat rate? RENT
Fought United States Ship in time and led TUSSLED
Gallows loop NOOSE
Have say in teashop in Esher OPINE
Have top role in school to execute BEHEAD
Hazard for ships ICEBERG
Ill-tempered (informal) SHIRTY
Indian potato female gets cold ALOOF
Intelligent? Brilliant! BRIGHT
Lettuce having hidden depths? ICEBERG
London terminus WATERLOO
Look gloomy as Maureen before gym? MOPE
Male parent FATHER
Mentally quick BRIGHT
Mourn headless heron EGRET
One catches student in using Internet ONLINE
Payment to a landlord RENT
Quick photo SNAPSHOT
Recount appalling defeat TROUNCE
Response from sappers joining battle REACTION
Rope one so knotted NOOSE
Runs in frightened, marked by wound SCARRED
Search suspect, male, mature RUMMAGE
See terms reorganised as one? SEMESTER
Send forth EMIT
Single item UNIT
Smythe meant to convey gist THEME
Some nice mittens to give out EMIT
Soundly thrash TROUNCE
Two pictures for one? SNAPSHOT
Unifying idea THEME
Walk feebly DODDER
White wading bird EGRET