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The Sun – Two Speed – Jan 1 2019

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Clues Answers
American aloe AGAVE
Beach area SEASIDE
Bloodshed CARNAGE
Brother reportedly sure to produce pamphlet BROCHURE
Cavalry sword SABRE
Clothes harder to wear with this! STARCH
Coast excluding southeast? SEASIDE
Consider female ninny? ASSESS
Criticise severely SLAM
Delight! Brute finally dead! ELATE
English artist TURNER
English chap raised in Dodge EVADE
Evaluate ASSESS
Faerie Queene writer SPENSER
Farewell ta-ta
Fragrance SCENT
Friend to Aramis ATHOS
Funeral party in boat-trailer? WAKE
Furious about line in Get Back SALVAGE
Gladden ELATE
Go with monarch to find painter TURNER
Goodbye from knight at Agincourt ta-ta
In bag a verdant plant AGAVE
Leinster riotous one hears LISTENER
Make disappear DISPEL
Man carrying large pan SLAM
Musketeer admitted to that hospital ATHOS
Noble females LADIES
Parish residence VICARAGE
Picture Lennon’s song of peace IMAGINE
Poet’s author in ship on capsizing! SPENSER
Posh women sailed out LADIES
Remove obstacle found in river DELETE
Rouse WAKE
Sent forth liquid, like teapot SPOUTED
Shy retiring Italian in bustling centre RETICENT
Sidestep EVADE
Sin grips a cleaner in rectory VICARAGE
Slaughter horse seen in terrible race CARNAGE
Son with money for perfume SCENT
Spewed forth SPOUTED
Spied badly with 50 to banish DISPEL
Stiffener STARCH
Strike out DELETE
Trade punches SPAR
Weapon going in pierces a breastplate SABRE
Wooden pole in box SPAR