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The Sun – Two Speed – January 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Airship beginning to become soft BLIMP
Annoyance from Republican in trap after tea CHAGRIN
Barrage balloon BLIMP
Catastrophe DEBACLE
Clubs goon in cloak CAPE
Commotion in field SCENE
Communicate with CONTACT
Concentrate FOCUS
Convincing CREDIBLE
Daughter is girl getting sack DISMISS
Device in trees to vary ROSETTE
Difficult struggle in Sussex town BATTLE
Disaster as large taxi capsized in river DEBACLE
Discomfiture CHAGRIN
Eating utensil FORK
Euphoric ELATED
Fahrenheit or Kelvin in two-way split? FORK
Female officer commanding us makes central point FOCUS
Gateau from Africa __ Kenya? CAKE
Grass-cutting tool SICKLE
Headland CAPE
Hungry in Verona out with American RAVENOUS
Irish male name SEAN
Irishman among these Anglicans SEAN
Lieutenant on westbound chopper gets lift EXALT
Maliciously disapproving SNIDE
Mike in Exeter might be exceptional EXTREME
Military action BATTLE
Move to music DANCE
No fun in strangely unfamiliar posting abroad AIRMAIL
Number in team catty SNIDE
Organise to get artist up mountains ARRANGE
Outermost EXTREME
Overseas post system AIRMAIL
Phone user CALLER
Pottery fragment SHARD
Praise highly EXALT
Public commotion SCENE
Put in order ARRANGE
Reaping hook, cruel, used by 50 English SICKLE
Rocking teen vamp some sort of artist PAVEMENT
Romeo leaves to shorten meeting CONTACT
Scandinavian outside clubs or disco? DANCE
Send away DISMISS
Some prelate disappointed or delighted? ELATED
Speak pompously ORATE
Spoilt little brat put on display IMPAIRED
Supporter’s ribbon ROSETTE
Sweet baked food CAKE
Tall building has collapsed by the way SHARD
Traitor interrupts Old English talk ORATE
Trustworthy news boss in bed with the French CREDIBLE
Visitor left article from Paris in vehicle CALLER