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The Sun – Two Speed – January 20 2019

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Clues Answers
A sailor looking up country album? ATLAS
Admit car damaged in moving? DRAMATIC
All set having shaved in advance? PREPARED
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Animal student meets Buddhist monk LLAMA
Approach snooker table and fail badly go to pot
Back after a big shock AFRO
Backbiters? MOLARS
Banish from Glorious Twelfth OUST
Bird munched morsel TITBIT
Boy new to ET produces poem SONNET
Brackish SALTY
Broadcast AIR
Brushed leather SUEDE
Business of MPs POLITICS
Choice delicacy TITBIT
Completely ALL
Concert piano is magnificent GRAND
Demonstrators in April weather? SHOWERS
Depose or unseat OUST
Everything in local launderette ALL
Facility EASE
Fall into ruin go to pot
Free from deceit SINCERE
Ghost in movies had experience SHADE
Girl to blab about love and vanish EVAPORATE
Grinding teeth MOLARS
Gym to welcome outsize model POSE
Housework? Terrible toil captured in photos! POLITICS
Infuriate someone ultimately with anger stirred up ENRAGE
Intermittent rain SHOWERS
It takes a crowd outside to cause trouble AGITATE
Kid is influenced, we hear SUEDE
Lamp cover SHADE
Landscape TERRAIN
Make angry ENRAGE
Map collection ATLAS
Mastermind in Greene running riot ENGINEER
Medical centre SURGERY
Press tracks cuts in NHS? SURGERY
Rest in peace as everlasting EASE
Roundish hairstyle AFRO
Sensational DRAMATIC
Shakespearean verse SONNET
Sit for an artist POSE
Song of Baudelaire AIR
Spirited lieutenant in voice SALTY
Straight transgression needs church and Bible study SINCERE
Think about internet maybe holding answer ENTERTAIN
Turtle avoiding soft ground TERRAIN
Very impressive GRAND