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The Sun – Two Speed – January 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Adorable CUTE
Ancestor warning creature in woods FOREBEAR
Antecedent FOREBEAR
Apply bandage DRESS
At this point land appears sea level
Banknote TENNER
Beautiful bird small and pale SWAN
Bird mine in pilot’s enclosure COCKPIT
Board game CHESS
Bring under control HARNESS
Carriage is transformed with cedar SIDECAR
Cob or pen SWAN
Cool sort in journeys to Iceland STOIC
Corn spike EAR
Cry from one grabbed by amusing ogre SHRIEK
Drinks hard being dissolute RAKISH
Excellent service ACE
Expert fighter pilot ACE
Exploit shares on move around noon HARNESS
Fetching sliced cheese at last CUTE
Flashy or dissolute RAKISH
From Rattle a rare musical gift EAR
Furniture item DESK
Gifted boy in marquee with news boss TALENTED
Horrible statue one in place SITUATE
Imperial measure OUNCE
Impression SENSE
Instant employer wants house cat MOUSER
Intuitively understand meaning SENSE
Kept woman CONCUBINE
Man with kilo at work station DESK
Mistress, caught at the right moment, carries bin CONCUBINE
Motorbike attachment SIDECAR
Museum custodian CURATOR
Note opera singer voiced TENNER
Official tempted woman after scripture class REEVE
Old magistrate REEVE
Pirate in reportedly crude song CORSAIR
Plane’s front cabin COCKPIT
Prepared to kiss – managed rude peck PUCKERED
Privateer CORSAIR
Rat caught by copper or keeper CURATOR
Receptacle CONTAINER
Rodent-catching feline MOUSER
Screech SHRIEK
Shift ends in regard for the pits workers DRESS
Substance or content MEAT
Team prepared to show heart MEAT
The mating game? CHESS
This holds cat Ronnie tamed CONTAINER
Uncomplaining STOIC
Weight given for snow leopard OUNCE
Well-endowed TALENTED
Zero point for map heights sea level