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The Sun – Two Speed – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
007 enemy destroyed respect SPECTRE
Actor Sir Laurence OLIVIER
Affair to bring a regret shortly AMOUR
Announced end in story TALE
Check girl I’m seeing! VALIDATE
Clandestine soldier PRIVATE
Dessert accompaniment CUSTARD
Enchanting singers SIRENS
Example from dancing Spice Boys? SPECIMEN
Forestall AVERT
Former soldiers turned to English man STEVE
Framework for church to help lacks time CHASSIS
Ghostly figure SPECTRE
Gleamed SHONE
Go to law LITIGATE
He hates scrapping in cover SHEATHE
Inane is potentially the answer! ASININE
Kept secrets initially given to socialist STORED
Lie about fine thread FIBRE
Male forename STEVE
Military unit BRIGADE
Mindless ASININE
Mysterious English Lake EERIE
Narrative TALE
Numb churchman holding man back DEADEN
Packed away STORED
Passenger plane AIRLINER
Personal PRIVATE
Plumbing tubes PIPES
Poles supporting own harbours HAVENS
Proper companion? PRIM
Put away a dagger SHEATHE
Quiet person was brilliant SHONE
Roughage FIBRE
Safe places HAVENS
Secret relationship AMOUR
Soldiers rebuilt a bridge BRIGADE
Something chewed includes famous sauce CUSTARD
Song and lyric right for A380, say? AIRLINER
Speak wildly RAGE
State beginning to transform Dodge AVERT
Stiffly correct PRIM
Sue left it over one entrance LITIGATE
Sword from thin metal sheet FOIL
Tempest right on time RAGE
Temptresses: they warn us! SIRENS
Thespian, one to appear in musical OLIVIER
Thwart or frustrate FOIL
Uncanny EERIE
Vehicular base frame CHASSIS
Vigilant ALERT
Warning from dealer trading ALERT
Who called Danny Boy? PIPES