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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 11 2018

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Clues Answers
49th state ALASKA
Amphibian FROG
Animated ALIVE
Assembly room CHAMBER
Boy accepts one put down LAID
Break along the grain SPLIT
Burnt sugar CARAMEL
Carefully attentive VIGILANT
Casual chat NATTER
Church ceremony SERVICE
Conservative church stopping fool’s entry ACCESS
Consideration CARE
Contemptuous look SNEER
Decapitated BEHEADED
Driving force THRUST
European leader in bed like Louis XVI? BEHEADED
Farm building BARN
Graduate finds radon in farm store BARN
Hold dear TREASURE
Hostility AGGRO
Illegible script SCRAWL
Installed, as carpet LAID
Joiner employed in building industry CEMENT
Knight interrupting prophet shows disdain SNEER
Clues Answers
Large shop EMPORIUM
Leave Croatian port SPLIT
Lester worked to keep one germ-free STERILE
Like hard wood ASH
Ogre round lake after six is watchful VIGILANT
Oil from car black until changed LUBRICANT
Oil or grease LUBRICANT
Permission to enter ACCESS
Push hard to break confidence THRUST
Regularly target a certain prize TREASURE
Room to keep horse in Sussex resort CHAMBER
Scribble second slow movement SCRAWL
Scruffy men inwardly turning to passion moth-eaten
Silly daughter going behind AFT
Small jumper designed for golf FROG
Spirited quartet into beer ALIVE
Start of court proceedings? SERVICE
Store memoir up in novel form EMPORIUM
Sweet artist devoured by animal CARAMEL
Threadbare moth-eaten
Towards the stern AFT
Tree ASH
Trouble: wrecked Argo ships gallons AGGRO
Twit’s edging in near explosive gas NATTER
Unfortunately a king turned up in state ALASKA
Vehicle on route at last to give hoot CARE