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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Ace of clubs? CADDY
Adolescents TEENS
Be way out round south EXIST
Boys carrying tipsy mum’s order SUMMONS
Child skated round in helmet skid lid
Coin Europeans must invest in school EDUCATE
Country editor in his element turned up SWEDEN
Courage perceived to be genuine HEARTFELT
Crash-helmet skid lid
Delineate SKETCH
Dickensian heroine ESTELLA
Dicky can and must find sacred place SANCTUM
Drunken beau is very rude ABUSIVE
Famed collie LASSIE
Forsythe meant to convey point THEME
Garbage TRASH
Gold stored in new local plant petals COROLLA
Hibernian IRISH
Instruct EDUCATE
Leitmotiv THEME
Level-headed REALISTIC
Little singer has some attitude TIT
Ma’s wise to get therapy MASSAGE
Meeting notes MINUTES
Model’s current contract IDEAL
New article is clear-sighted REALISTIC
Clues Answers
Not long tunes I’m composing MINUTES
Offensive ABUSIVE
Old wife to enable young flyer OWLET
Only performing new material NYLON
Overweight villain in film HEAVY
People inside Blair is harassing IRISH
Perfect IDEAL
Ponderous HEAVY
Require to attend court SUMMONS
Respect is introduced to English backs ESTEEM
Scandinavian nation SWEDEN
Scots girl sails absurdly close to shore LASSIE
See tall dancing girl ESTELLA
Small boat in loosely-drawn image SKETCH
Small songbird TIT
Sports ground: admit us somehow! STADIUM
Survive EXIST
Synthetic fabric NYLON
Technique ART
Tin for tea CADDY
Twente Enschede’s youngsters TEENS
Waste time on skin condition TRASH
Whorl of petals COROLLA
Works in Dartmouth ART
Young bird OWLET