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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Absent in certain respects? AWAY
Affirmative vote AYE
At a distance AWAY
Beseech to be good BEG
Bigamy thus contains false notion MYTH
Boat carrying less cargo? LIGHTER
Captures COLLARS
Communicates TRANSMITS
Condiment SALT
Cosmetic procedure FACELIFT
Could be bush – about right? SHRUB
Cover with droplets SPATTER
Emily’s refashioned le CarrĂ©’s spy SMILEY
Emoticon SMILEY
Engage in sport: risk a wet mishap? water-ski
Entreat BEG
Fantastic fish Tina cooked BRILLIANT
Fiction MYTH
Firm support for emergency council COBRA
Hair highlight STREAK
Hold up picnic basket HAMPER
Hole in a rotten barrel resembling tree ARBOREAL
Killer mutilated headless Schubert BUTCHER
Lawyer thrashed on treaty ATTORNEY
Legal representative ATTORNEY
Less heavy LIGHTER
Maiden in Tristan’s wacky broadcasts TRANSMITS
Clues Answers
Man perhaps is extremely late ISLE
Nurse gets husband out of danger TREAT
Once more AGAIN
Outstanding EMINENT
Personal PRIVATE
Prepared READY
Quick to decode unknown READY
Renowned English pit theatre EMINENT
Ride behind speedboat water-ski
Rook into meat finds vein STREAK
Sailor gets 50 seated around SALT
Saint, irate, panned mocking work SATIRE
Sea-girt land ISLE
Selection called evil at first RANGE
Singer’s scope RANGE
Slaughter BUTCHER
Son has unfinished model to spray SPATTER
Stove lit for second time AGAIN
Surprise gift TREAT
They take the lead in arrests COLLARS
Tree-dwelling ARBOREAL
Truth about dossier up for personal renovation FACELIFT
Undisclosed military rank PRIVATE
Venomous snake COBRA
Woody plant SHRUB
Yes from sailor in motorway establishment AYE