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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Alleviation RELIEF
Amber perhaps to stray once again? RESIN
Arab people Spanish saint embraces SARACEN
Balanced and level in endless farce COMPARED
Beware hollow chamber CAVE
Binding agreement CONTRACT
Birds gathering for drink we hear BEVY
Bishop given not so much worship BLESS
Break in coral mass round large island RELIEF
Camp convenience LATRINE
Caprine leather GOATSKIN
Champion boxer perhaps? top dog
Classical piece SONATA
Consecrate BLESS
Defense Department gives figure PENTAGON
Dicky recasts female performer ACTRESS
Dishonour SHAME
Domicile ABODE
First Bible book GENESIS
Five-sided polygon PENTAGON
Fool before noon provides tea ASSAM
Grotto CAVE
Happening EVENT
I arrive drunk in holiday region RIVIERA
Indian state ASSAM
Island all right to an extent that Yankee leaves OKINAWA
Japanese city OKINAWA
Legendary hold-up man from great LA suburb ATLAS
Clues Answers
Lively male with red or green stone EMERALD
Map collection ATLAS
Meat in southeast is disgrace SHAME
Mediterranean resort RIVIERA
Precious gemstone EMERALD
Principal in group top dog
Quail group BEVY
Rat positioned in queue for loo LATRINE
Run second vehicle SCAMPER
Run with light steps SCAMPER
Sailor with poem finds home ABODE
See sign about rock band GENESIS
Shrink gets right in touch CONTRACT
Singer Minogue KYLIE
Singer trapped in chemical toilet ALTO
Singing voice ALTO
Slender new missile NARROW
State to fib to singer KYLIE
Still time to finish competition EVENT
Stressed given coaching in voice TAUT
Syrian nomad, historically SARACEN
Tackle small family that’s all over kids GOATSKIN
Tailless Devil carries on in musical work SONATA
Thespian ACTRESS
Tightly defined NARROW
Tightly drawn TAUT
Tree exudation RESIN