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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Affray BRAWL
Apportioned ALLOTTED
Baby one found in farm building BAIRN
Be slow to leave LINGER
Become dull TARNISH
Begin meal without starter of anchovy LAUNCH
Cancel ANNUL
Cheerless DRAB
Cold primate gets shawl CAPE
Consumes EATS
Cry to involve Resistance in fight BRAWL
Cut back part of bush or tendril SHORTEN
Dreary old poet takes turn DRAB
Dull sailor is found outside new hotel TARNISH
Eat away ERODE
Firm’s car is wrecked in French region CORSICA
Former marine harassed inspector EXAMINER
Fragrance SCENT
God in Asgard THOR
Grind away before sealing arrangement with bank ERODE
Has food: tea prepared by son EATS
Headland CAPE
I left in time being nimble AGILE
Insufficient in amount SCANTY
Interrogator EXAMINER
Clues Answers
Invalidate yearbook — second article dropped ANNUL
Large motorboat LAUNCH
Marine bivalve OYSTER
Mediterranean island CORSICA
Money added to bill causes stress ACCENT
Mother superior ABBESS
Non-combatant CIVILIAN
Norse god disembowelling Trish and Oliver THOR
Offensive sight EYESORE
One offering support to the board? TRESTLE
Pleasant Scotsman, non-military type CIVILIAN
Reportedly posted bouquet SCENT
Rotter soon sad after upset so-and-so
Scottish child BAIRN
Scoundrel so-and-so
Seer angry in hideous building EYESORE
Sensible boy, English, engaged in study REASONED
Small vessel in filthy place SCANTY
Stay in hostel in Germany LINGER
Superior sister? ABBESS
Supporting framework TRESTLE
Suspect tale told and distributed ALLOTTED
Truncate SHORTEN
Well thought-out REASONED
Yes Tor reconstructed for secretive person OYSTER