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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Act of disloyalty TREASON
Actor’s hint CUE
Arrogant pair: couple from south PROUD
Capitulate SUCCUMB
Churchman, senior one, holding firm DEACON
Communion cup CHALICE
Companion with girl finding goblet CHALICE
Consequence OUTCOME
Cool solar area in holiday resort SUNSPOT
Deadlock that is about politician and fool IMPASSE
Eggs on Reg whisked in America URGES
Electricity source BATTERY
Fine earthenware PORCELAIN
Give in — or die! SUCCUMB
Good to wander in small wood GROVE
Handle finally on copper pot with this CUE
Haughty PROUD
High-rise accommodation for workers? ANTHILL
Ignite romping with hot bedwear NIGHTIE
In that respect THERE
Insect nest ANTHILL
Little man from Cliddesden DES
Making amends ATONEMENT
Marsh wader EGRET
Motive after time is betrayal TREASON
No replica, shattered Ming items? PORCELAIN
One charged with physical attack? BATTERY
One partial to fish, Ruth has no starter EGRET
Clues Answers
Orchard GROVE
Ordained cleric DEACON
Picturesque SCENIC
Plan to zap each unfinished city square PLAZA
Poor Elvis runs for cash SILVER
Poor golf shot SLICE
Power generator TURBINE
Precious metal SILVER
Public square PLAZA
Quite attractive PRETTY
Reconciled men finally start reparations ATONEMENT
Relative close to collapse in French city NIECE
Result not in has to arrive OUTCOME
Rowing team EIGHT
Saintly one within stirred soup PIOUS
Sanctimonious PIOUS
See cop-shop sounds worth viewing SCENIC
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Sleepwear NIGHTIE
Small insects on piece of cake? SLICE
Solar blemish SUNSPOT
Some bothered at that point THERE
Stalemate IMPASSE
Strong impulses URGES
Team of oarsmen from small island announced EIGHT
Tribune destroyed machine TURBINE
_ Lynam, presenter DES