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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Additionally ALSO
Chaos as dry air swirling DISARRAY
Containing fat ADIPOSE
Cricketer BATSMAN
Defender in boats at sea BASTION
Divine sustenance NECTAR
Dynamic person with grand in bank TIGER
Eagerly expect AWAIT
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
End of sunbathing good in Dynasty TANG
Enduring LASTING
English county SOMERSET
Expect a delay AWAIT
Facial feature EYEBROW
Fatty is a dope unfortunately ADIPOSE
Female — bit of a looker! IRIS
Gotham’s hero protects second team player BATSMAN
Greek sea god POSEIDON
In Paris, the swindle going on LASTING
Is youngster able to eat here? CANTEEN
Laos in rebellion too ALSO
Large feline TIGER
Lodger one getting on transport BOARDER
Material taken from ground put back DENIM
Modify ADAPT
Nasal cavity SINUS
Offence and fine where law handed down SINAI
Clues Answers
Perennial plant IRIS
Plait or braid TRESS
Pole in American airspace SINUS
Prisoner from Bury born in Toulouse? INTERNEE
Remains STAYS
School liver-in BOARDER
See storm erupts in county SOMERSET
Shakespearean fairy COBWEB
Sign of neglect in horse and trap COBWEB
Sit one lecturer in ship that capsized POSEIDON
Steamship round river doesn’t leave STAYS
Strained state TENSION
Stress — one isn’t bothered TENSION
Strong flavour TANG
Stronghold BASTION
Sweet drink to hand when holding court NECTAR
Swelling wave ROLLER
Swine brings round inside pub BOAR
Teresa grabbing Romeo’s hair TRESS
Thick cotton fabric DENIM
Two ways to be humble MODEST
Unassuming MODEST
Untidy state DISARRAY
Wave from posh car ROLLER
Wild pig BOAR
Woman with small part to tailor ADAPT
Works restaurant CANTEEN
You’ll be surprised when this is raised! EYEBROW