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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Amusing person’s example CASE
Answer two daughters put together ADD
Beast in man — I’m a leprechaun! ANIMAL
Block of flats TENEMENT
Building workers dividing opinion TENEMENT
Circuits covered with grass deteriorated RELAPSED
Confront model after work OPPOSE
Creature ANIMAL
Customary practice USAGE
Effigy IMAGE
Employment gives us time USAGE
Epoch-making HISTORIC
Female, some dancer I called ERICA
Figurine DOLL
Film-maker turned up with artist CAMERA
First Lady’s new uniform EVEN
Garden lattice TRELLIS
Good composer in small rock group GRAVEL
Hanger-on where jumping soldiers seen? PARASITE
Ideal to promote right person in authority PREFECT
Jettison DUMP
Lads, playing outside clubs, causing injury SCALD
Large beasts trampled the planes ELEPHANTS
Likely backer when climbers need training? TRELLIS
Look at one among mad axemen EXAMINE
Man’s peak with island cape is momentous HISTORIC
Clues Answers
Mild and kind GENTLE
Not odd EVEN
Pachyderms ELEPHANTS
Party line repeated for Ken or Barbie? DOLL
Picture-taker CAMERA
Power and energy beginning to affect plant PEA
Public persona that is all over publication IMAGE
Roman magistrate PREFECT
Sank back into illness RELAPSED
Scorch SCALD
Scrutinise EXAMINE
Small loose stones GRAVEL
Soft tranquil life starts in heredity unit GENTLE
Stand against OPPOSE
Subordinate MINION
Supplement ADD
This rogue’s reformed — just! RIGHTEOUS
Underling in skirt displaying a lot of leg? MINION
Unpleasant place for ditch DUMP
Vegetable PEA
View from one side supporting dossier PROFILE
Wine delivery unit CASE
Woman’s name ERICA