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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
An academic lives for handsome youth ADONIS
Attractive young man ADONIS
Award given for small part DEGREE
Boredom ENNUI
Break suddenly SHATTER
Chase funds university invested PURSUE
Circus owner mum’s shown round SHOWMAN
Completely upset by terrible threats SHATTER
Conclude SURMISE
Denigrate run down
Disciple: stick with New Testament ADHERENT
Doctrine whichever way you look at it TENET
Duty list altered in resort ROSTER
English royal dynasty TUDOR
Exceptional Frenchman in old tree EXTREME
Excursion TOUR
Expressed delight GRINNED
Flight connector? Good man taken by air! STAIR
French cheese BRIE
Go after PURSUE
Goodbye au revoir
Guess users mad about M1 SURMISE
Hang up? SUSPEND
House that you had to render finally TUDOR
Clues Answers
Impresario SHOWMAN
Impudent PERT
Informed A&E about fighting AWARE
Ladder put away in poor state run down
Lonely female mislaid hat BERET
Long straight handle SHAFT
Miles wandering in as unmotivated AIMLESS
Military cap BERET
Nerd with gin collapsed and smiled GRINNED
Nice farewell? au revoir
Old relative sheds pound in weight OUNCE
Principle TENET
Quick to ditch ultimate dairy product BRIE
Ray seen in mine passage SHAFT
Schedule ROSTER
Sentient AWARE
Small cat polluted air SMOG
Smoke mixed with fog SMOG
Snow leopard OUNCE
Tax in English city shortly raised ELEVATED
That Rene can be menace THREATEN
Time traveller going backward and forward PERT
Trip to ancient city TOUR
Very great EXTREME
Weariness when nuisances are around ENNUI
Without purpose AIMLESS