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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Aim the wrong way in total stupidity MADNESS
American kennel DOGHOUSE
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Asian people BALINESE
Back dad and mum as such an heir? APPARENT
Badly-behaved child BRAT
Better to avoid extremes in gentle stroll AMBLE
Black rodent for horrible kid BRAT
Brass flourish FANFARE
Buddhist temple PAGODA
Calorie-counter DIETER
City revolutionary writer cripples? MIAMI
Confined to college GATED
Dish up SERVE
Father embracing a deity in shrine PAGODA
Festive food cut by a penny — being this? CHEAPER
Fleet circling round provided calm PACIFY
Florida city MIAMI
German weight-watcher? DIETER
Golfer carrying putter finally gets help SERVE
Insanity MADNESS
Intelligence BRAINS
Islander’s baseline shot BALINESE
Less expensive CHEAPER
Clues Answers
Lightly cooked RARE
Little chamber orchestra’s first instrument CELLO
Looks across street for bugs PESTERS
Lungs bit dodgy when it’s hectic BUSTLING
Main artery AORTA
Mastermind supporters to stay at home BRAINS
Music and food at football matches? FANFARE
Old chap in Arab country OMAN
Piercing cry SCREAM
Placate PACIFY
Roof support BEAM
Saunter AMBLE
Screech from comedian SCREAM
Seemingly true APPARENT
Seldom seen in disaster area RARE
Sketch has rugby action back to front OUTLINE
Smile from Ray BEAM
Some carping at education kept in school GATED
Stringed instrument CELLO
Synopsis OUTLINE
Vessel from Victoria or Tasmania AORTA
Way Shirley cleaned out trunk SYSTEM
Where boxer retires in disgrace? DOGHOUSE
Whip’s good source in reshuffle SCOURGE