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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Above all others SUPREME
Admit to sins CONFESS
Angry man not taking booze inside RATTY
Arrive without favourite in race COMPETE
Bad hit man is strangling cape factory worker MACHINIST
Become furious see red
Brazilian resort RIO
Candle that a person holds TAPER
City rebellion time forgot RIO
Declare forte in scones production CONFESS
Decompose ROT
Dishonourable IGNOBLE
Distinguished EMINENT
European country CROATIA
Family in Tiber swimming TRIBE
Freely available on tap
Frozen spike ICICLE
Grand manner gives God pain PANACHE
Heroic deed EXPLOIT
Hide away in southeastern island SECRETE
I belong unfortunately in low birth IGNOBLE
Industrial operative MACHINIST
Irritable RATTY
Join some presenters ENTER
Mantel terribly keen LAMENT
Clues Answers
Margherita-style portion is yummy TASTY
Maverick REBEL
Native American frees horse rapidly APACE
Outclass as Spurs thrashed SURPASS
Outstanding EXCELLENT
Outstrip SURPASS
Penetrate ENTER
Profit by adventure EXPLOIT
Prophet and pressman get annoyed see red
Public transport parking in March TRAMP
Regularly taking milk kept in cask on tap
Renowned inn — meet to get sloshed EMINENT
Revolting person? REBEL
Rubbish from Dorothy ROT
Scrumptious TASTY
Secret INNER
Slender candle TAPER
Small fish creates horrid odour STENCH
Split personality here discovered? CROATIA
Stash or conceal SECRETE
Topless Victor becomes intimate INNER
Unpleasant smell STENCH
Vagrant TRAMP
Wicked old chamber ten destroyed EXCELLENT
Winter eavesdropper? ICICLE
With urgency APACE
Wrongly presume to be most important SUPREME