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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Accolade AWARD
Announced race led surprisingly by Democrat DECLARED
Asked round to have wickedly divine time INVITED
Attained REACHED
Australian city ADELAIDE
Beverage TEA
Bloody end for poor newspaper boss RED
Blow as friends turned up SLAP
Bright colour RED
Crew unable to finish meal TEA
Daft as one student into Stallone SILLY
Decline of wit, lively and amusing TWILIGHT
Discrepancy VARIATION
Encouraged INVITED
Girl having stony heart? OLIVE
Good person without family is broke SKINT
Got to study about Guevara REACHED
He stops Tory speculation THEORY
Heavy metal guitar, say LEAD
Hypothesis THEORY
Ignore religious festival PASSOVER
Impecunious SKINT
Jewish festival PASSOVER
Leash LEAD
Clues Answers
Maybe Oscar died after a struggle AWARD
Mediterranean tree OLIVE
Pitt, say, wrong about Republican BRAD
Polo mount PONY
Ridiculous SILLY
Sailor, born in prison, leaves? CABBAGE
Same woe terribly shocking? AWESOME
Satisfy knight in criminal depravity CONVINCE
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Shellfish CLAM
Singer receives help in the capital ADELAIDE
Small horse for £25 PONY
Small nail BRAD
Star sign GEMINI
Stitch in time gives clue HINT
Street mix produces zealot EXTREMIST
Suggestion HINT
Tipsy aviator in for change VARIATION
Twins for example overturned car GEMINI
Uncommunicative person left in river CLAM
Vegetable CABBAGE
View answer one doctor tutted about ATTITUDE