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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Affair brings a regret when curtailed AMOUR
Amber perhaps about to commit crime RESIN
Antelope kicking many shows style ELAN
Appreciate VALUE
Approach NEAR
Basin BOWL
Black bird in dish BOWL
Call it English hill-dweller TERMITE
Colossal TITANIC
Composer who profits from the cuts BARBER
Conservative works in Barrow CART
Cul-de-sac dead end
Deflect AVERT
Defrosts THAWS
Farm vehicle CART
Find price for uranium in valley VALUE
Give speech from floor at eleven ORATE
Graduate cut into amount remaining BALANCE
Hair cutter BARBER
Hold forth ORATE
Inconvenience HASSLE
Insignificant things small fry
Intensely dislike DETEST
Just the thing for the traveller! TICKET
Clues Answers
Late finish is an obstacle dead end
Little fish: unimportant people small fry
Loathe delinquent holding group back DETEST
Magazine features butter and jam say SPREADS
Massive attic in conversion TITANIC
Munitions ORDNANCE
Panache ELAN
Parry departs leaving bill AVERT
Plan to dump wartime rockets in river DEVISE
Proliferates SPREADS
Put last touches to FINALISE
Response on litigation REACTION
Ship entering sound finds trouble HASSLE
Social insect TERMITE
Soldiers move fast to import new supplies ORDNANCE
Staying power STAMINA
Travel permit TICKET
Tree exudation RESIN
Upward slope ASCENT
Verbal agreement for rise ASCENT
Vigour Tina and Sam produced STAMINA
What’s treated becomes relaxed THAWS
Within human earshot? Literally so! NEAR
Worried if aliens settle FINALISE