The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 31 2018

Clues Answers
Almost salute decaying US location TULSA
Animal group listened to on radio? HERD
Arouse INCUR
Atmospheric layer OZONE
Avoid or escape ELUDE
Bee and newt dancing in the middle BETWEEN
Breathing space RESPITE
Bring under control HARNESS
British-Australian Dame having drink BEVERAGE
Culvert DRAIN
Daughter one having bad experience DOWNER
Depressant DOWNER
Doctor wearing fur causes fight COMBAT
Dodge reckless duel with European ELUDE
Drove HERD
Duty or burden ONUS
Expert grasps weight immediately at once
Family member possibly Oriental RELATION
Feathery layer, new article in plant HENNA
Fighting COMBAT
Gas round region OZONE
Glass boat SCHOONER
Clues Answers
Hard rowing team in top position? HEIGHT
Intimidated SCARED
Loving a room designed by American AMOROUS
Meander ROAM
Natural dye HENNA
Oklahoman city TULSA
Old sheep outside for wander ROAM
Passionate AMOROUS
Perhaps young Arab left in bed COLT
Peter is fatigued, wanting relief RESPITE
Pig out having finished tea messily OVEREAT
Reply from clinicians we respect ANSWER
Responsibility we must meet? ONUS
Sailing ship SCHOONER
Security men only breaking tool HOSTAGE
Solution ANSWER
Song word writer LYRICIST
Suffer in main current INCUR
Swaying cedars caused fear SCARED
Tackle difficulty without initially dithering HARNESS
This instant at once
What fills this after downpour’s onset? DRAIN
Wordsmith — maybe it’s Cyril LYRICIST
Young male horse COLT

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