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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic clash or wrangling SCHOLAR
Alligator pear AVOCADO
An exotic escort for predecessor ANCESTOR
Anniversary BIRTHDAY
Antecedent ANCESTOR
Artist and two bishops the French crowd RABBLE
Beneficiary RECEIVER
Biblical garden EDEN
Blemish STAIN
Broadcast AIR
Christmas NOEL
Constituent part ELEMENT
Correcting aid ERASER
Deprivation LOSS
Digitally processed my satisfied male patient? MANICURED
Distinguished student SCHOLAR
English study delightful place EDEN
Excellent recital to start with song AIR
Fool is on time to give help ASSIST
Freeholder OWNER
From south, would I protect bears hibernating? TORPID
Glue misused on book project BULGE
Have to dominate someone’s mind? POSSESS
Hill in East Ord TOR
Influence POSSESS
Clues Answers
Internal parasite TAPEWORM
Just right IDEAL
Leading lady as herself — in rubber! ERASER
Lethargic TORPID
Medical workers NURSES
Natural environment for silver? ELEMENT
Neatly trimmed MANICURED
One contract for model IDEAL
One getting inspiration? LUNG
One runs around wicket keeper OWNER
One talked into being manager for wind-up RECEIVER
Ornament with needlework EMBROIDER
Parasite in record dispute over millions TAPEWORM
Remove obstacle found in river DELETE
Respiratory organ LUNG
Rocky height TOR
Rome bride disposed to dress up EMBROIDER
Rounded protrusion BULGE
Russian autocrat’s not left mark STAIN
See steamship coming to harm LOSS
Smashed hard by it when one gets cards BIRTHDAY
Strike out DELETE
Tends to have new users working NURSES
Trouble follows Bill eating very old fruit AVOCADO
Unruly mob RABBLE
Xmas season to these spiritual stragglers! NOEL