The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 6 2018

Clues Answers
Advertisement up and down quickly GULP
Alleviate RELIEVE
Athlete crashes in boat car ACROBAT
Attain REACH
Bamboo stem CANE
Bird, rook, to be ill and weak RAIL
Blood supplier using M1? ARTERY
Bow Street? CRESCENT
Charlie in Scots town emptied the place ALLOCATE
Composer hit with bottle GLASS
Croesus keeps some deer ROE
Cunning ARCH
Curved shape CRESCENT
Delivery bowled everybody BALL
Depressed feeling Achilles hides CHILL
Determine content of crude cider DECIDE
Drinking vessel GLASS
Effort SHOT
Element in tents gnu ransacked TUNGSTEN
Feverish cold CHILL
Fish also swimming round husband SHOAL
Fish spawn ROE
Formal dance BALL
Free from duty: on leave we hear RELIEVE
Get runs singly REACH
Good man holds one position SIT
Horizontal piece CROSSBAR
Liberate RELEASE
Lorry with linked trailers road train
Main transport route ARTERY
Metallic element TUNGSTEN
Moved suddenly — photograph ruined SHOT
One responsible for bust-up? BRASSIERE
One to link posts from unhappy lawyers? CROSSBAR
Pose SIT
Punish crook CANE
Radiator smashed with new Australian freight trucks road train
Resolve DECIDE
Romeo in a church is most experienced ARCH
Sailor’s fears are nonsensical SEAFARER
Sandbank SHOAL
Scrutinise INSPECT
Struggle frantically in board game SCRABBLE
Swallow quickly GULP
Train track RAIL
Undergarment BRASSIERE
Vet in plain spectacles INSPECT
Word game SCRABBLE

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