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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 7 2018

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Clues Answers
3.26 light years PARSEC
Abbotless monastery PRIORY
Amusing person for instance CASE
Anonymous NAMELESS
Aural structure EARLOBE
Avian sustenance BIRDSEED
Banish EXILE
Beautiful man said no unfortunately ADONIS
Branch LIMB
Brisk pace TROT
Chum PAL
Corrupt salesmen not easily identified NAMELESS
Crazy Ned Kelly initially coming in sober, strangely BONKERS
English XI the French send away EXILE
Far left-winger hurried pace TROT
Fastening hole EYELET
Friend mostly ashen-faced PAL
Fundamental PRIMAL
Handsome youth ADONIS
Holy person SAINT
Home help going up country INDIA
Huge distance run in space travelling PARSEC
Illustrate DEPICT
Clues Answers
Intellectual brother in Rye? CEREBRAL
Lift, ultimately unreliable, yet to arrive ELATE
Made to suffer in wicked world of scholars ACADEME
Make ecstatic ELATE
Meet in French bar ENCOUNTER
Member’s some Liberal I’m backing LIMB
Noble award given for organ piece EARLOBE
Note proposal of love? EMOTION
Opening sounds in minor key EYELET
Original ally crosses boundary PRIMAL
Part of old epic theatre show DEPICT
Populous land INDIA
Poverty in Byzantine Eden NEED
Public vehicle BUS
Regain after default REPOSSESS
Religious house seen in previous year PRIORY
Requirement NEED
Scholarly world ACADEME
Silly bidders cornering European chickenfeed BIRDSEED
Strong feeling EMOTION
Take back new rope on ships round east REPOSSESS
U-boat surfacing provides transport BUS
Understood as text messages are? UNSPOKEN
Unexpectedly meet ENCOUNTER
Wine delivery unit CASE
Wrong time to embrace a good man SAINT