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The Sun – Two Speed – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Ah! Trees swaying in May! THERESA
Atmosphere CLIMATE
Bird he introduced to artist RHEA
Bloodsucker LEECH
Branch ARM
Carnival dance SAMBA
Characters within fleece Lebanese star CELEB
Clematis endlessly battered in weather CLIMATE
Clown fanatic becomes fair target COCONUT
Distribute DISPENSE
Doctrine CREDO
Dress circle next to stage — no way! BANDAGE
Excited seeing leg — not small — in flimsy robe NEGLIGEE
Famous person CELEB
Feel glum about eating second course EPSOM
Female name THERESA
Firm embracing socialist principles CREDO
Friend gets married needing hand PALM
Go round CIRCLE
Intermediary go-between
Is among those left to fight RESIST
Large palm seed COCONUT
Leave man without sentimental liaison go-between
Light dressing-gown NEGLIGEE
Loses heart DESPAIRS
Mad monarch in furtive look we hear LEAR
Mariners SEAMEN
Member to equip with weapon ARM
Clues Answers
Moon of Saturn RHEA
Parasite in shelter by church LEECH
Pharmaceutical unit TABLET
Quote or mention CITE
Realist changed heraldic design SALTIRE
Refer to some incitement CITE
Restriction initially withdrawn for take-off IMITATION
Round figure? CIRCLE
Sailors seen around before noon SEAMEN
Shakespearean king LEAR
Sides wrangling over author’s issue DISPENSE
Sign from unsighted visionaries? ARIES
Slender swimmer has some feeling EEL
Snakelike fish EEL
Some medicine for writer’s block? TABLET
South American moves Brazil adopted initially SAMBA
St Andrew’s cross SALTIRE
Surrey racing venue EPSOM
Tropical tree PALM
Unbalanced indeed and so this? one-sided
Unilateral one-sided
Volcanic basin CALDERA
Volcanic crater about to swallow tree CALDERA
Weirdly sad priest almost gives up hope DESPAIRS
Winding for wound BANDAGE
Withstand RESIST
Zodiacal sign ARIES